Yes, iPad skins protect your device from damage, including scratches, scuffs, and even staining. The vinyl used to create iPad skins puts a slimline layer of protection between your device and the harsh outside world, protecting it from damage and keeping it looking brand new underneath. What’s more, with iPad skins and wraps typically being ~0.2mm thin, they deliver this protection whilst still maintaining the original device dimensions. The end result is a layer of protection that preserves the iPad’s condition and transforms its design, without the added bulk of a case. 

Black Carbon iPad Pro Skin

What is an Apple iPad skin?

An Apple iPad skin is a vinyl wrap that sticks directly to the rear surface and edges of your device,  much like a case. The key difference though is that a vinyl skin is ultra-thin, which means it transforms your iPad and adds a layer of protection, without adding centimetres of thickness around your device. iPad skins are made from vinyl, which is cut perfectly using a high-quality plotting machine that transforms instructions contained within digital blueprints into physical cut lines on the vinyl. The vinyl skin can then be stuck directly to the external surfaces of your iPad and wrapped precisely to achieve a flawless finish that is barely noticeable by touch!

iPad skins are typically made from ~0.2mm thin vinyl, which to put it scientifically is a synthetic resin containing polyvinyl chloride polymer. More simply, iPad skins vinyl is an ultra-thin sheet of super-soft pliable material that has two sides, each with different purposes. One side of the vinyl is for the design or texture and the other side is coated in adhesive for sticking the vinyl to its target surface.

All this being said, if you’re still left thinking - “What are skins for iPad?” - head over to this iPad Skins & Wraps page for more info and explore the collection.

Matt Black iPad Pro Skin

iPad skins protect against scratches

Your brand-new iPad undoubtedly looks amazing, but it won’t be long before it’s covered in scratches if you don’t do something about it. You don’t need to ask a rocket scientist to understand that if you leave your Apple iPad ‘naked’, the scratches will inevitably take hold and your new piece of expensive Apple tech will need a makeover. Luckily iPad skins can help in one of two ways:

  1. If you’re reading this now with a brand-new iPad that’s in pristine condition, an iPad skin will add a slimline layer of protection against damage to keep it looking perfect.
  2. If you’re reading this and your iPad is already scratched, luckily an iPad skin will cover up the damage and give your device a new lease of life: win-win!

Everybody’s default when it comes to protection for your tech is a case, but vinyl iPad skins and wraps provide a new alternative, without the bulk. Your iPad needs protection from the outside world and iPad skins are here to help - all while making your device look incredible during the process. The cause of scratches and scuffs on your iPad is motion while in direct contact with a rough surface, so if you stop that contact, you stop the scratches - simple! By putting a slimline layer of vinyl between your iPad and everything else it touches, an iPad skin will eliminate direct contact with surfaces and put a stop to scratches and scuffs. Mission: complete.

Lime Green iPad Pro skin


Can you remove an iPad skin?

Yes, iPad skins a removable by simply picking at the edge of the vinyl to lift it slightly, before peeling back the skin bit-by-bit. iPad skins are easy to remove and have been specifically designed to come off your device without any issues. Pulling the vinyl gradually will mean your iPad skin comes off as a single piece, just like when you applied it originally. Vinyl iPad skins are long-lasting, but you shouldn’t have any difficulty removing them when the time comes. To help this process along, you can apply some heat using a hairdryer, which will loosen the adhesive and enable the skin to be peeled from your iPad much more easily.

Do skins protect your iPad?

Yes, skins protect your iPad. If you want to preserve the condition of your iPad and keep it looking pristine, an iPad skin is exactly what you need. In fact, even if your device is already scratched, scuffed, or discoloured, an iPad skin can give it a new lease of life. Being just ~0.2mm thin, wrapping your iPad can have it looking perfect again in no time, giving it a brand new style and hiding the damage underneath. We have over 25+ uniquely designed iPad skins and wraps across three handpicked collections: Textures, Neutrals, and Colours. Check them out, and see what you think!

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