Are phone skins worth the money?


Phone skins and wraps offer ultimate device customisation at your fingertips, add grip to your device, and deliver a layer of protection from everyday wear and tear by eliminating direct contact with external surfaces. What’s more, phone skins and wraps deliver all these benefits for less than £7. So, I think it’s fair to say that phone skins are worth the money, but for anyone who’s left with any doubt, let us explore the topic further.

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What is a phone skin?

A phone skin is a vinyl wrap that sticks directly to your device, covering the rear surface and completely transforming its look and feel. Phone skins and wraps are cut from ultra-thin vinyl sheets by a digital cutting machine and offer a completely unique way to switch the style of your phone, while still maintaining the original device dimensions. With design choices including Black Camo, Honeycomb, Carbon Fibre, or a wide range of colour combinations, phone skins and wraps give you ultimate device customisation potential and provide a slimline layer of protection for your device. If you’re still unsure what a phone skin is, check this out: what is a phone skin?

Samsung Galaxy S20 Matt Blue Skin

What are phone skins good for?

Phone skins and wraps deliver many fantastic benefits for your device, but there are three main benefits at the core: customisation, protection, and grip. Let’s delve a bit deeper and explore each in more detail.

1. Customising your phone

iPhone skins are the perfect solution to customising your device. With a wide range of design options including Black Camo, Honeycomb, and Carbon Fibre, or more than twelve unique colour variations, your phone can go from zero to hero in minutes. Gone are the days where your phone looks exactly the same as all of your friends. Now you can switch up the style of your phone, change the game, and stand out from the boring majority.

2. Protecting your device

Phone skins and wraps protect your device from irreparable damage including scratches, scuffs, dirt, and fingerprints. Samsung Galaxy skins add a layer of protection that sits between your device and the surrounding environment, eliminating direct contact and putting a hard stop to device wear and tear, as well as those pesky fingerprints. All-in-all, phone skins and wraps are the perfect solution to keeping your phone in mint condition. In the true VybeSkins manner, we’ve created a full blog post on the topic: do phone skins protect your phone? Check it out to learn more.

3. Adding texture and grip

Phone skins and wraps add a layer of texture and grip to your device, which makes keeping hold of your phone significantly easier. Modern phones are great, but their super-smooth surfaces mean zero friction, and ultimately, they're going to be dropped at some point. That’s where phone skins can help. While Google Pixel skins and other device wraps will not protect your tech from drop impact, they will certainly stop it from slipping out your hand every five minutes.

Honeycomb iPhone X Skin

What are phone skins not good for?

Phone skins and wraps will not give your device the same level of drop protection that a robust case would. Phone skins are made from ultra-thin vinyl sheets that are approximately 0.2mm thin, which means they are not designed to absorb major impact and will not deliver sufficient protection against fall damage. On the other hand, cases typically add a thicker barrier between your phone and the surface it may be impacting with, so deliver much greater impact protection. If you want to know more about how phone skins compare to cases, check out our deep dive into the topic - phone skins vs cases: which one is better? 

Are phone skins worth the money?

If you’ve read this far, you will be very well versed in the benefits of phone skins by now. To really decide if phone wraps are worth the money, you have to consider what else you could buy for the price of a skin. The simple fact of the matter is: not much. Ok, well maybe you could buy yourself a few cheeseburgers from the big M, or even a ticket to the cinema, but realistically, these will have been and gone in no time, leaving nothing but an empty chasm of disappointment. Our skins and wraps on the other hand will continue to put a smile on your face every single time you grab your phone. More importantly, our phone skins are made exclusively from premium quality vinyl materials that are durable and made to last, which means they are quite simply the gift that keeps on giving. For the price of a single skin, you can transform your phone and put a smile on your face for months on end. What’s left to do? Get shopping for some phone skins and wraps.

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iPhone 11 Skin
Harley Wells
Black carbon iPhone 11 skin

Excellent customer service with fast delivery. The skin is brilliant quality and has made my old phone look brand new and stand out from the rest.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Skin
Rolaxsan Ramesh

Perfect cut out for the logo and easy to apply

Great Product! Great Customer service!

Had a fantastic experience with vybeskins, applied the camo skin to my mac book, Completely changed the aesthetic look, It's very durable and modern looking. Very easy to apply and the end result is 100%. On top of that the customer service was first class with great communication and fast service from ordering to doorstep. Will be back to order again!

iPhone Xs Skin
Zaid Mohmed
Fantastic product

Fantastic product, fits perfectly

Amazing quality

I've used vybeskins for quite a while now on different devices and the quality has never failed me, one of the best at a cheap price. I would highly recommend getting a skin from here!