Yes, you can wrap Apple AirPods with a vinyl skin. Apple AirPod skins are made from super-soft durable vinyl, which wraps perfectly around your AirPods for a precise finish. The vinyl skin comes in six individual pieces for a simplified installation process that is very straightforward when combined with our detailed step-by-step tutorial videos. With over 25 unique AirPods Pro skins to choose from, you can transform the look and feel of your AirPods in a way that’s perfect for you.

Black Leather AirPods Pro Skin

What is an Apple AirPods skin?

An Apple AirPods skin is a vinyl wrap that sticks directly to your AirPods case, covering the entire external surface and completely transforming its look and feel. AirPod skins are made from vinyl sheets using a plotting machine, which transforms cutting instructions contained within digital blueprints, into physical cut lines. The vinyl is ultra-thin, allowing you to switch up the style of your AirPods case whilst still maintaining the original device dimensions. 

If you’re thinking - “Can I change my AirPods Colour?” - you’re in the right place! Make your AirPods black, choose textured Carbon Fibre, or select from a wide range of pastel colour combinations; AirPod skins and wraps give you ultimate device customisation at your fingertips. Apple AirPod skins also deliver a layer of protection from scratches, scuffs, fingerprints, and even staining, by eliminating direct contact with external surfaces.

Black Matrix AirPods Pro Skin

How do you wrap Apple AirPods?

To apply an Apple AirPod skin, you will need to line up the individual skin pieces with the corresponding portion of your device, press it against your AirPods case to attach it, and finally apply heat and friction to stick the AirPods Pro skin in place. While this is a simplified overview of how to apply a vinyl AirPods wrap, these core principles apply throughout the entire process. There are six individual pieces that are provided with your order to cover every external portion of the AirPods case perfectly. 

We’ve worked extremely hard to create detailed step-by-step tutorial videos that make the skin installation process easy and ensure a perfect finish every time, so before you make a decision, feel free to head over and check them out. Recognising that AirPods skins are somewhat more intricate to apply than some of our other devices, we also provide a backup AirPod skin (set of 6 pieces) just in case you have any issues. You can find out more information here by shopping our range Apple AirPods skins and wraps.

Grey Carbon AirPods Skin (Gen 2)

Can I change my AirPods colour?

To change the colour of your AirPods case, you simply need to wrap them with an AirPods skin, which will cover the entire external surface of your AirPods and completely transform the way it looks. Choose from more than 25 unique designs including a range of colours, neutral designs, or a collection of 3D textures, to give your AirPods a new lease of life. Designs include: Marble AirPods skins, Camo AirPod skins, Carbon Fibre AirPod skins, or even a Matte black AirPods skin.

Anybody who has AirPods will know the feeling when you misplace them. You find some, but are they yours? The AirPodless life isn't for you so you gamble, never really knowing if these little white music buds are your own. There’s only one plausible solution. Be different. Customise your AirPods colour, and buy an Apple AirPods skin

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