No, iPad skins don’t damage your device. iPad skins and wraps are made from super-soft and delicate vinyl that will mould seamlessly to your iPad and cause zero damage. iPad skins can be removed easily by lifting the edge and peeling back the vinyl using a smooth motion. iPad skins use neutral adhesives that won’t cause damage and will leave no residue on your iPad when removed, leaving your device in perfect condition underneath. iPad skins are ultra-thin and exceptional heat conductors, which mean they allow efficient heat transfer through them and do not trap heat or cause overheating.

iPad skins and wraps don’t damage your device and have been tested extensively to guarantee a safe application. Actually, iPad skins provide a layer of protection against damage, but this is still one of our top questions, so let’s delve a bit deeper. There are 5 key topics to explore here, so we want to discuss each one individually. The five topics are:

  • Does the adhesive damage your iPad?

  • Do iPad skins cause overheating?

  • Are iPad skins safely removable?

  • Do iPad skins cause damage when removed?

  • Do iPad skins leave residue?

Matt Grey iPad Air 4 Skin
Disclaimer: the following analysis is only representative of VybeSkins products.

Does the vinyl adhesive damage your iPad?

No, the vinyl adhesive doesn’t damage your iPad. Our iPad skins are created exclusively from premium vinyl materials that use neutral adhesives to stick to your device. The neutral adhesives are completely safe for your iPad and have been tested extensively on a wide range of surfaces to guarantee zero damage is caused. Our vinyl suppliers have years of combined experience developing vinyls that are safe for application and are industry leaders in the field of expertise. These exact same vinyls are used to wrap supercars, commercial vehicles, and now your tech - all without causing any damage. 

That being said, we leave no stone unturned here at VybeSkins and every vinyl skin we create (including our best-in-class iPad skins) is tested rigorously to ensure it is completely safe. You won’t be surprised to know, that our testing proved exactly what we already knew - iPad skins are completely safe for your device. Our testing also revealed that when your iPad is wrapped in a vinyl skin, it actually has enhanced protection from scratches, scuffs and staining. We’ve written a complete blog post on the topic if you want to know more, entitled: Do iPad skins protect your device?

Black Carbon iPad Pro Skin

Do iPad skins cause overheating?

No, iPad skins do not cause overheating. iPad skins and wraps are just ~0.2mm thin, which makes them excellent heat conductors and means they do not retain heat. As a result, our ultra-thin vinyl iPad skins allow heat to be transferred through them easily and ensure your devices temperature is regulated as if there were no skin attached. Overheating is caused when high temperatures build up in your iPad as a result of heat not being able to escape. Given that heat passes through vinyl almost as if it wasn’t there, iPad skins do not trap heat and don't cause your device to reach higher temperatures than normal.

Are iPad skins removable?

Yes, iPad skins are removable. To remove an iPad skin, simply pick at the edge util it’s removed from the device then gradually peel the vinyl back in a smooth motion. Pulling the vinyl gradually in a smooth motion will mean the iPad Pro 12.9" (2021) skin is removed as a single piece with no remaining vinyl on the device. If you find that the vinyl is stuck down firmly, you can simply apply some heat with a hairdryer to loosen up the adhesive and create and even easier removal process. The vinyl suppliers for our iPad skins are industry-leading and they know a thing or two about developing great vinyl that applies well, lasts the test of time, and can be removed whenever. Take it from our 200+ amazing customer reviews: our skins are top-notch! 

Mint Green iPad Air Skin

Do iPad skins damage your iPad when removed?

No, iPad skins do not damage your device when removed. The premium quality vinyl used to create our iPad skins have been engineered to be completely safe for your device. Just as during the installation process, the vinyl is super-soft and delicate on your iPad to ensure no damage is caused when being applied or removed from your device. Furthermore, iPad Pro skins are created using high-durability vinyl material, which ensures a smooth removal process with the skin remaining a single piece. This eradicated the need for scraping away small pieces of vinyl that could have been left on the surface of your iPad, negating the risk of scratching.

Do iPad skins leave residue?

No, iPad skins do not leave residue on your device when removed. The high quality adhesive being used for the iPad skins is fully integrated into the vinyl, which means it is deeply engrained and will remain attached to the vinyl at all times and be pulled away from the device with ease. This eliminates the need to scrape any adhesive from your device during removal, mitigating the risk of causing damage to your device. Our suppliers have decided of combined experienced developing vinyls that are specifically designed for application on high-end supercars. As a result, the overall quality is outstanding and the end to end process has been tried and tested, which includes installation, long-lasting application, and safe removal.

To conclude: iPad skins are perfectly safe for your device, they do not cause any damage and they are entirely removable with ease. It’s time to go shopping for some ipad skins and wraps.

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