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Yes, phone skins protect your phone from scratches, scuffs, fingerprints, dirt, and even staining. When you purchase a brand new phone, it comes wrapped in a clear plastic film to keep it in pristine condition. Phone skins and wraps do a similar job: they protect your phone and keep it looking brand new underneath. Except, there’s one major difference - phone skins actually look good. Furthermore, with premium vinyl's typically being ~0.2mm thin, phone skins maintain the original device dimensions to deliver a layer of protection that preserves its condition without the added bulk of a case.

This is probably our most commonly asked question, so we’d be doing you a disservice if we didn’t explore this answer further. To do this, we’re going to delve deeper. But before we continue, let us briefly overview what a phone skin actually is. A phone skin is a vinyl wrap that sticks directly to your device, covering the rear surface and completely transforming its look and feel. If you want to know more, we created an entire blog post on it: what is a phone skin? Ok, so now that’s settled, let's investigate what phone skins are protective against.

Phone skins protect against scratches

Would you take the dog for a walk without shoes on? Probably not. The reason for this is simple: your feet would have no protection from the harsh environment you walk on. You might not think it, but your phone is very similar - although the phone is probably better smelling. Just like your feet, your phone needs protection from the outside world. In its lifetime your phone will go through a lot. It will likely slide across the floor a few times, get knocked off the table, or maybe even dropped down the toilet. The point is, your phone is going to be put through its paces and scratches are inevitable.

Don’t worry though, phone skins and wraps can help. The cause of scratches and scuffs on your phone is motion while in direct contact with a rough surface. So quite simply, if you stop that contact, you stop the scratches. By putting a slimline layer of vinyl between your phone and everything else it touches, a phone skin will eliminate direct contact with surfaces and put a stop to scratches and scuffs. Look, we could carry on illustrating the point here for days, but I think you get the message - skins stop scratches.

Galaxy S20 Red Matt Skin

Phone skins protect against weathering

You might not think it, but the natural world can be a harsh place for your phone. While us humans need oxygen and water to survive, for phones, these two elements can be extremely harmful. Now, unfortunately, wrapping your device in a Black Camo phone skin will not make it waterproof. What it will do though is protect your phone from the unexplainable weathering effect that will inevitably take hold if your device is left exposed.

So, what on earth is weathering? Quite simply, weathering is the natural degrading that occurs to your phone’s appearance over time, including device discolouring, unremovable stains, and engrained dirt. When you buy a brand new phone, it possesses inherent protective properties that preserve the device's condition. As your phone is exposed to inevitable environmental stresses - most commonly, friction in your pocket - these protective properties are diminished. This, unfortunately, makes your phone more vulnerable to the natural elements, and gradually, the weathering effect takes hold - just like it has with the iPhone 7 below. Look, I know what you’re thinking. Why don’t you just clean it? Well, we have. Many times. The problem is, it's stained, the dirt is engrained and it is past the point of no return. The only option left for this device: cover up the mess with an iPhone 7 Black Camo phone skin, or any other from our range of iPhone skins and wraps.

iPhone 7 that has Weathered

Ok, so how can a phone skin protect against mother nature, defend against phone degradation and stop the weathering effect in its tracks? As we’ve discussed so far, the weathering effect occurs when the rear surface of your phone is exposed; in other words, when your phone is naked. The easy solution then is to wrap it in a phone skin. Think about when you have some freshly cooked food. How do you keep that food fresh for longer? Wrap it in cling film. The same can be said for a phone: wrap it in a skin and keep it in pristine condition for longer (well actually, forever).

Let us show you what we mean. Below this text is a photo of an iPhone X that is 2 years old and has been used daily since it was purchased. It looks immaculate and the reason why is simple: it’s been wrapped in a cosy protective skin all its life. We often get asked, do phone skins damage your phone? The simple answer is no, as you can see from the image. But if you want to know more, feel free to read our full blog post on the topic.

iPhone X on Black Camo Skin Vinyl

Phone skins protect against fingerprints

We get it, fingerprints wipe off. But just as quickly as you wipe them off, they reappear. No matter how hard you try, how clean your hands are, how much contact you avoid between your fingers and the back of your phone, the fingerprints show up. Trust us when we say, you can’t win this fight. Or can you? Well, at this point you now have two options. Option 1: you wear gloves every time you touch your phone. Option 2: you buy a Samsung Galaxy phone skin and eliminate those pesky fingerprints immediately.

Should you buy a phone skin or a case?

The answer to this question really depends on what you’re looking for. If you want ultimate customisation at your fingertips, then a phone skin is perfect. We have over 25+ uniquely designed phone skins and wraps across three handpicked collections: Textures, Neutrals, and Colours. If you want to preserve the condition of your phone and keep it looking pristine, a phone skin is exactly what you need. In fact, even if your device is already scratched, scuffed, and discoloured, a phone skin can give it a new lease of life. Being just ~0.2mm thin, wrapping your phone can have it looking perfect again in no time, giving it a brand new style and hiding the damage underneath.

However, if it’s drop protection that you’re after - a phone skin alone will not be good enough. Phone skins are ultra-thin and they are not designed to absorb major impact damage, so will not give your device drop protection like a case would. For this level of protection, you need a military grade shock-absorbing phone case. Although, there is one important point to consider here and that is preservation. Phone cases by design have a small air gap between them and the phone they are attached to. This means that whilst your phone might now be protected from impact damage, it is still exposed to the environmental stresses that cause the weathering effect we mentioned earlier. In fact, the iPhone 7 pictured earlier had been protected by a case for its entire lifespan, yet still, it was covered in stains and swirl marks. There is a solution though. You’ll recall that phone skins are ~0.2mm thin, which means that even with a phone skin on your device, it will still fit perfectly inside a case. This combination of skin + case gives you the ultimate solution to phone protection. The phone skin preserves the device's pristine condition, while the phone case provides drop protection, keeping your phone looking brand new for longer.

So, what now then? I mean, this is a no brainer - it’s time to get shopping for some phone skins and wraps.

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