Phone skins and wraps can last for a very long time without needing to be changed, and sometimes even last years. There are two key components that contribute to phone skin longevity: one is the vinyl quality, and the other is how perfectly the vinyl wrap fits your device. When you combine the perfect achievement of these two key components, you have the recipe for a vinyl phone wrap that is long-lasting and looks fantastic. Spoiler alert: we have the recipe.

Firstly, let's consider the vinyl quality. Our phone skins are created exclusively from premium quality vinyls with high internal strength properties and have been engineered to achieve flawless accuracy every time. To guarantee this perfect finish is long-lasting, we have extensively tested our vinyl phone wraps under a variety of controlled conditions for every single device. Furthermore, the vinyl for our phone skins and wraps is manufactured by industry-leading suppliers with decades of combined experience, proving that their vinyl solutions continuously deliver on expectations. One of our major suppliers - 3M - explicitly guarantees that the vinyl quality should remain reasonable for up to 3 years*. What about the perfect fit? Our phone wraps are precision cut using a digital plotting machine and mould perfectly to your device, which ensures a seamless finish is achieved, prevents the skin edges from raising, and keeps the skin comfortably attached for a very long time.

Lime Green iPhone 11 Pro Skin

In summary, iPhone skins and wraps are very long-lasting. The more prominent question should be: how long can you last without switching up the style of your phone again? We are pretty confident the vinyl lifespan will win here, and quite frankly if it doesn’t - we’ll be out of business in no time. Either way, here at VybeSkins we leave no stone unturned and you came here looking for answers, so we’ve gone all out and completed a detailed analysis for you below. If you’re reading this blog and thinking, what is a phone skin? - have a read of that first.

What makes a phone skin long-lasting?

There are two key factors that can be attributed to a phone skin being long-lasting. The first of these is vinyl quality, and the other is how precisely the vinyl phone wrap fits your device.

The quality of a vinyl is established by a combination of elements, including how durable and flexible the material is, and how strong the adhesive is that’s used to stick it down. Our Samsung Galaxy skins and other device wraps are created from durable materials that are inherently flexible and resistant to environmental pressures. This means they can mould to the shape of your device without difficulty and will remain in mint condition for a very long time. Our vinyl phone wraps use high strength adhesive that ensures the skin attaches firmly to your device and won’t lift over time. If you think that high strength adhesive might result in damage to your device, don’t worry, the vinyls we use exclusively neutral adhesives to ensure that our phone skins cause zero damage to your phone.

The next challenge becomes developing a phone skin that fits your device perfectly. Why does this matter? Well, if the vinyl phone wrap doesn’t fit perfectly, the result will be a skin that doesn’t mould seamlessly around your device, which over time will collect dirt and eventually begin to peel back. Think about when you have a plaster on your finger to protect a cut and it doesn’t quite fit properly, meaning the edge is not sticking flush to your skin. Eventually, this edge of the plaster will lift and inevitably lead to the plaster needing to be replaced. The exact same occurs with vinyl phone wraps, which is why we’ve designed and engineered our phone skins to achieve flawless accuracy every time, and we’ve confirmed this through rigorous testing procedures in a range of conditions.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Black Carbon Skin

How durable are phone skins?

Phone skins and wraps are created from vinyl that has been designed specifically for wrapping cars, which requires extreme resistance against environmental stresses including fluctuating weather patterns, very high speeds, and even stone chips. Why are we telling you this? Well, quite simply, if the vinyl is durable enough to comfortably withstand these extreme circumstances for years on a car, it is most certainly durable enough to last on your phone. You might think your phone goes through a lot in its lifetime, but compared to the body of a car, it does not. For example, it is very unlikely that your Pixel skin will need to be resistant against fluctuating weather patterns, or extremely high wind speeds. However, this resistance against environmental stress that are inapplicable to your device wrap, means that phone skins are protective and exceptionally long-lasting. The comparisons could go on, but I think you get the point. Phone skins and wraps are extremely durable and are designed to last the test of time. 

Are phone skins worth the money?

Phone skins and wraps offer ultimate device customisation at your fingertips, add texture to your device and improve grip, and deliver protection from everyday wear and tear by eliminating direct contact with external surfaces. What’s more, our OnePlus skins and other device wraps deliver all these benefits for less than £9 per wrap: it’s win-win. 

VybeSkins device wraps are made exclusively from premium quality vinyls, sourced from industry-leading suppliers, including 3M and KPMF. Our suppliers have a combined experience pool within the vinyl market spanning decades, demonstrating their ability to consistently deliver high-quality vinyl products. But, we don’t stop there. To confirm the quality of the vinyls we use to create our phone skins, we have completed extensive testing on a wide range of relevant surfaces, under a variety of controlled conditions. The vinyl supplied by 3M and KPMF passed this rigorous testing process with flying colours, meaning we guarantee to deliver the perfect skins for our customers.

So, are phone skins worth the money? Absolutely they are.

Conclusion: Phone Skins are Long-Lasting

At this point, I think it’s quite clear to see that phone skins are long-lasting. The vinyl we use for our device wraps is the best of the best, has been specifically designed for resistance far beyond what is needed for a phone skin, and has been extensively tested to confirm this. So, not only can you get all of the customisation, texture, and protection benefits that a phone skin delivers, but you can do this confidently knowing that your phone skin is here to stay - for as long as you want it to stay. What’s left to do? Shop our range of phone skins and wraps. You can’t go wrong.

All the best,

Liam & Reece
Founders at VybeSkins

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