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About us

VybeSkins is a tech customisation brand and online retailer of phone skins, laptop skins, and other vinyl tech wraps based in the United Kingdom.

We’re on a mission to make tech look truly stunning and bring a buzz to our community - one skin at a time.

VybeSkins was created in 2018 by brothers Liam and Reece Frailing who wanted to make it easy and enjoyable to customise your tech. Since then, VybeSkins has grown to be a 10,000 strong community, serving customers worldwide in more than 67 countries. 

At VybeSkins, we actually give a sh*t about our customers and we like to keep things simple. We handpick the best skin designs, we develop the most precise skins on the planet, and we look after our community every step of the way. To ensure we never lose sight of this, we put our brand promise at the heart of everything we do and guarantee perfection with every order.

We’ve got you covered.™

Flawless Precision

We endeavour to create the worlds most precise skins to ensure a perfect fit on every single device.

Customer reviews.

Ultra Fast Delivery

Free 1-3 day First Class delivery to the UK and 4-7 day express shipping to Europe. Free Global shipping over £25. 

Shipping policy.

Install Guarantee

Skin installation is easy with our step by step videos, but message us if you have any issues, we’ve got you covered.™

Skin installation videos.