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Blanks: Tips and Tricks

You came to us because you know we're the best, but sometimes even the best has its limitations. Well now, the limitations have been removed and the only thing standing between you and the crown of customisation is your creativity.

Developing precision cut skins is our strong suit and we know a thing or two about applying vinyl, so it's only right we share some insight. We’ve pulled together our top 5 tips and tricks to help you get the most from your Blanks.

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Cleaning icon Clean surfaces before application

This one might seem obvious, but dust, dirt, and grease are not your friends when applying vinyl. Don’t let it ruin the party and clean your target object thoroughly with the alcohol wipe provided before application. Once clean, you should dry the item and if any dust or fluff remains on the device, you can use your hairdryer to blow it off. 

Hair dryer icon Apply plenty of heat throughout

There are two major benefits of heating the vinyl using a hairdryer. The first is that the vinyl will become more flexible, so will mould to the shape of your target object more easily and create a smoother finish. The second is that the adhesive underneath becomes significantly more sticky to ensure that the application is long-lasting.

Friction icon Use friction to smooth vinyl edges

Along with heat, friction is also extremely important for smoothing down the vinyl edges against the target object to achieve a smooth finish. You can apply friction to the edges by repeatedly rubbing your finger against the item. We highly recommend you apply heat before doing this to achieve the best finish.

Lifting sheet icon Don’t be afraid to lift and re-apply

The vinyl we use for our Blanks is exclusively premium quality so it can be easily lifted and re-attached during application with no issues. Please note that you should avoid applying too much heat until you are completely satisfied with the vinyl positioning as this will secure it firmly in place. Lifting the vinyl is a great way to remove any bubbles that might appear underneath the vinyl during application.

Light bulb icon Use bright lighting

Bright lighting conditions are often not considered overly important during the application process, but applying your Blanks in a well-lit environment might just change the game.

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