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Blanks: Wrap Anything

It's time to get creative with Blanks. Design and customisation is our thing here at vybeskins, but no matter how hard we try - it's just not possible to develop skins for everything. With Blanks, now you can wrap pretty much anything you like. 

Endless possibilities

The concept of Blanks is very simple. Blanks, are vinyl sheets of the exact same vinyl that we use for our skins, which can be used to transform your stuff. You came to us because you know we're the best, but sometimes even the best has its limitations. Well now, the limitations have been removed and the only thing standing between you and the crown of customisation is your creativity. 

Premium materials 

With decades of combined experience, our suppliers - 3M and KPMF - know what it takes to create the perfect vinyl. The vinyls are ultra-thin and use high-quality adhesives to ensure a seamless finish that is long-lasting and can be removed without leaving any goo behind. The vinyl also has a non-visible air release system integrated into it, which provides a perfectly smooth surface appearance after application while helping to prevent air bubbles. It's simple: our suppliers are the champions of vinyl.

"Everything you can imagine is real." -- Pablo Picasso

Flawless Precision

We endeavour to create the worlds most precise skins to ensure a perfect fit on every single device.

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Ultra Fast Delivery

Free 1-3 day First Class delivery to the UK and 4-7 day express shipping to Europe. Free Global shipping over £25. 

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Install Guarantee

Skin installation is easy with our step by step videos, but message us if you have any issues, we’ve got you covered.™

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