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Personalised Initials Pack

by VybeSkins

Regular price£4.95 Sale price

Personalised Initials Pack

by VybeSkins

Regular price£4.95 Sale price


 We’ve got you covered.™

It's time to get personal with our brand-new Initial Packs. Design and customisation is our thing here at vybeskins, but now you can add a touch of personalisation as well. 

Made from the exact same premium vinyl that we use for skins, our Initial Packs are the ideal solution to personalising quite literally anything you own. They come in two shape variations (square or circle) and have a diameter/width of 27mm with enough space for 3 standard characters. You came to us because you know we're the best and our Personalised Initial Packs live up to the reputation. 

At VybeSkins, we pride ourselves on outstanding quality, which is exactly why our Initial Packs are made exclusively from premium materials including the industry-leading 3M and KPMF. 

With decades of combined experience, our suppliers know what it takes to create perfect vinyl. They use high strength neutral adhesive that ensures the skin attaches firmly to the target surface and is non-reactive with the device surface to prevent damage. They guarantee a residue-free removal when the time comes, by engraining the adhesive into the vinyl during the manufacturing process. And they develop super-soft vinyl that is gentle on your device, yet durable enough to provide a slimline layer of protection.

When it comes to skins, you can be absolutely certain that they are going to be perfect, and our Initial Packs are no exception. We treat every order as if it was our very first and still to this day guarantee that each order is processed by one person end to end. Our workstations are kept immaculately clean, we remove the cutouts so you don't have to, and we UV quality check every skin to ensure pristine vinyl condition before dispatch.

The customer means everything to us at VybeSkins, and that’s why our service is exceptional. We've streamlined the user experience to keep it faff-free, we offer next day dispatch and express shipping on all orders, and we're available whenever you need us.

What's more, our focus on service excellence doesn't stop when you hit purchase and nor does our dedication to you as a community member. Need an instant response? Chat with us. Got a more in-depth query? Drop us an email. No matter what, we’ve got you covered.™

We’re on a mission to make tech look truly stunning and bring a buzz to our community - one skin at a time.

Created back in 2018 by brothers Liam and Reece, VybeSkins is a tech customisation brand that exists to bring some excitement to the world of tech and put the power of design in the hands of our consumers. Since then, VybeSkins has grown to be a 10,000 strong community, serving customers worldwide in more than 67 countries from our headquarters in the UK. 

At VybeSkins, we actually give a shi*t about our customers and we like to keep things simple. We handpick the best designs, we develop the most precise skins on the planet, and we look after our community every step of the way.

Tech that makes you smile - we’ve got you covered.™

3x personalised vinyl stickers that are either circle or square, and have a diameter/width of 27mm.

Flawless Precision

We endeavour to create the worlds most precise skins to ensure a perfect fit on every single device.

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Ultra Fast Delivery

Free 1-3 day First Class delivery to the UK and 4-7 day express shipping to Europe. Free Global shipping over £25. 

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Install Guarantee

Skin installation is easy with our step by step videos, but message us if you have any issues, we’ve got you covered.™

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